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Published on August 15th, 2012


London 2012 – Official Mobile Game – Review

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The games may be over but why not play the official game to keep the event alive! With all the events available to play (even on the free version!) make yourself the greatest Olympian of all time by mastering each one. Sports games all tend to be similar but this one takes them to a whole new level with the way you control your Olympian. We all love a game that uses different methods of touching the screen to control the game and this game does exactly that. Depending on what event you are taking part in, you are presented with a different way of controlling your Olympian, whether it be tapping the screen as fast as you can in the 100m sprint with a flip of the device to dash at the end, or moving the device around to aim and tapping to fire your gun in the double trap, the controls make this game very fun indeed.

To take part in each event you need to use stamina which is represented by a meter shown at the top of the screen. Events generally cost 1-3 stamina so you’re bound to use up your stamina fast, but not to worry as it doesn’t take long for the stamina to refill again, ready for some more Olympic action!

Whilst progressing through the game you earn yourself gold coins, using these to purchase all kinds of great accessories to make your Olympian stand out from the others, as well as new characters!

The look and feel of the game is excellent, both in the quirky style of the characters and the vibrant colours used throughout. The game is very enjoyable and to make it that much better your scores are published online so you really are competing against hundreds of nations from around the world! Despite the fact there is a paid version, everything is available on the free version, however there are a variety of in app purchases to help you get to the top of the leaderboard.

Available on: iPhone/iPad
Price: Free / £0.69


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