Published on November 14th, 2012


Loosen up, lighten up!

Today is officially ‘Loosen up, lighten up’ day and here at izzyj we can help you do just that! Sit back, relax and watch your mood transform as we take you through the best apps and games for lightening up your day!

1. Pilates: Day by Day-15 Minute Workout

Going to the gym can be a chore, so why not save on membership fees and exercise at home. 15 Minutes a day can shape and mould your body into what you’ve always wanted. With step-by-step instruction, crystal clear videos and easy exercises – nobody can make an excuse as to why they are unfit. Progress is noticed and the routines will gradually get more and more difficult as you get more fit. The routines are built to strengthen, stretch and build your body into a toned, gorgeous and healthier you.

2. My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit

The My Last Cigarette app allows you to access statistics which are updated every second. Users are able to view nicotine level and expected craving readouts which are all based upon the latest statistics and medical knowledge. Each day, users will receive motivational facts or quotes to boost their will power and inspire them to continue their smoke free lifestyle. The application also gives users access to their carbon monoxide level in the blood, what their prospective life expectancy increase will be and keeps a record of the time you have been a non-smoker. Keep count of the number of cigarettes NOT smoked, the amount of money you have saved as well as your risk of heart attack and lung cancer compared to before are all features to motivate you and give you the strength to carry on without smoking. Some startling facts such as the amount of deaths since you have given up, should allow users to see for themselves the benefits in quitting smoking.

3. SongPop

Connect with your Facebook friends and compete with them head to head to see who has the better music knowledge. See if you can recognise the song in the quickest time, was it Madonna or Kylie? With this fast paced game you are bound to be kicking yourself a good few times as well as celebrating in ridiculous ways! If you’re not one for Facebook then don’t worry you can also connect to friends via email, or registered username, you can even connect with a random opponent! With a variety of different types of music, anybody has the chance to beat their friends, then again if your friend lives and breathes music, best to just tell them you dont have the app…

4. Art Set

Take all of your artistic tastes, and throw down a multitude of colours on this beautiful design application. Choose from a selection of different utensils to sketch and draw your ideas to create your very own masterpiece. Art Set gives you an alternative to complex and confusing painting apps whether you are an artist or not. Each of the tools from pencils to pens, pastels to oil colours gives you natural results in real time. Even the oil paint gives you amazingly thick blobby strokes with heavy brushing, down to fine and thin details using the clever built in pressure stimulation techniques.

5. Piano Tutor for iPad

If you have ever wanted to learn to play the piano, this app is bound to give you an insight into the basics of the keys and tunes. With Piano Tutor, the notes are clearly labelled on the keyboard interface and there is a display with all of the song details and a timer. You are measured on accuracy, errors and timed on response to what key you need to press. The key sounds are life like, and the pitch is clear for each of the notes. There are also modes called Treble and Bass which are used for practising both your left and right hand. Are you a beginner? Don’t worry, with key hints the notes will be displayed clearly for you so you too can learn in no time.

These therapeutic activities will help you to clear your mind, loosen up and lighten up -why not give it a try!

Photo by: michellecarl/Flickr

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