Published on April 9th, 2013


Met Office : Weather application

How does it look?

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What does it do?

The Met Office weather application provides up to date and real time reports of weather conditions and the 5 day upcoming forecast. A map system is used to mark out where there is rain currently and where it is expected to travel. You can also change the time on the bottom of the map to show a prediction of what the weather is set to be like at that time of day. This map is completely variable and the weather is represented using small icons of the weather conditions. Other details such as temperature, wind speed and UV exposure can also be identified using this same map. Forecasts can be kept up to date for your area by adding specific locations onto the forecast chart.

What’s the verdict?

We were really impressed when we saw this app mainly due to the fact at the time of download the weather predicted was accurate (not to say it will always be as the UK weather is unpredictable). The layout of the application is sleek and everything can be viewed without squinting at the text or images. The main map particularly wowed us because of the amount of features that you can swap and change within it. Overall we feel that this is a great tool for tracking the temperatures and weather, it should definitely be consulted before going to the beach this year!

Available on: iPod Touch/iPhone

Price: Free


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