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Published on June 15th, 2012


Million Pound Drop


Fans of The Million Pound Drop, listen up! Now you can play along live wherever you are. Or put yourself in the contestants’ shoes and see if you can beat the drop – any time you like – with the all new single player game.

• Play along live with the TV show
• Play any time you like with the all-new single player game
• Loaded with over 700 questions
• Download more question packs to keep the drop drama going
• Gather achievements & compete with friends
• All the sounds & suspense from the live show
• Apply to be a contestant on the live show direct from the app

Don’t just scream at the TV – prove you can do better than the contestants by answering the same questions live as the show plays out. Move your money onto the trapdoors, but remember – you must always keep one drop clear. How much cash can you keep hold of?

Complete a series of simple questions at the start of your game and you could even get a mention on the show!

Play along live and you can apply to be a contestant on the live show – you could be up there with Davina the following weekend playing for a REAL £1 million…

Connect with Facebook to compete against friends and others, and share your score on Facebook or Twitter to show off your skills.

Download the single player game for just £1.49 and face the Million Pound Drop whenever you like.

Just like the contestants on the TV show, you’ll start with a (virtual) £1 million. Choose your category and move your money – you’ve got just 60 seconds to make your decision or spread your money, but remember, you must always leave one drop clear! Can you get to question 8 with your virtual million intact?

Gather achievements as you play through the game and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Every question pack comes with a new set of achievements to master. Can you collect them all?

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Please note that in order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the game, we remember and store information about how you use it. The information is completely safe and secure and will never include any sensitive details. It is only used by us or the trusted partners we work with and the application won’t store information or browsing behaviour for the purpose of targeted advertising. By installing the game and continuing to use it on your device, you are accepting that we remember and store information about how you use it.




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