Published on August 14th, 2012


Monster Life Game Review

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The cutest monsters you’ve ever seen, but boy can they fight!

Get ready to free up some spare time, because you will become addicted! Forget the likes of Farmville, Dragonvale etc, this is your next addiction. Compared to other games this one really stands out, especially with the papercraft style graphics and vibrant colours. The animations of the characters and the scenery look brilliant, so simple yet so effective but that’s enough about how it looks! Let’s get down to the gameplay.

Straight away you’re given your first task of creating a monster, followed swiftly by a few other basic steps to get you on your way. Each process is unique in the way you touch the screen, whether it be warming up your monster egg by holding down on the screen or petting your monster by tapping, swiping etc. With each monster you must feed, play and train to gain experience points, helping to evolve your monster. The game works on a basic coin system to help you progress, using coins to buy food, habitats and monsters as well as various other items. There are also gems which can be used to speed up certain processes and buy items which cannot be purchased with coins. Unlike other games you dont find yourself low on gems straight away, meaning to get any further in the game you need to buy more via an in app purchase. Instead, you gain gems throughout the game so finally it looks like a game that isn’t trying to squeeze every penny out of you!

As well as playing with the monsters you can take them in to battle! The idea of the game is that you train them up to eventually save the islands of Numa. You can access a variety of quests through the map menu, starting off with some training quests and then progressing to more full on battles!

One of the great things about this game is that it’s time based, meaning that you have to wait for certain things to become available, although for young children this isn’t going to be so great if they want everything right now (get you’re wallets ready parents if that’s the case!). Having the time system makes the game last longer, meaning you dont complete the game within 10 minutes, you could spend hours on this (those Farmville players out there will already be used to this I’m sure).

In all this is a fun and very well styled game kids of all ages would love this game, even adults with a big kid inside. With a unique style of graphics and very catchy music, as well as endless ours of fun and “aww look how cute this monster is”, you are bound to soon become addicted to this great game.

Available on: iPhone/iPad
Price: FREE!!


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