Published on November 9th, 2012


Mountain Bike Trails UK

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What does it do?

Mountain Biking is becoming a sport that more and more people are beginning to enjoy. Whether you are an extreme mountain biker and enjoy fast, downhill tracks or cross tracks or a casual mountain biker that just enjoys the scenery, Mountain Bike Trails UK is the guide for you. With thousands of trails local and afar, you are presented with a google maps display with all of the routes plotted as red pinned markers on the UK map. Each route is drawn out with a red outline with indications where to start and end. If the route coincides with a country park, a park map is viewable directly through the app showing opening times, food destinations and even bike hire. Share your trails with others with the add function which lets you map out your very own favourite routes.

What’s the verdict?

This could perhaps be considered a leisure activity, but with all of the competitions and extreme sports coverage on this very exciting hobby we would have been stupid to not review it. This app is not just for adrenaline junkies either, families can enjoy this app and chase the routes with their kids too. The interface is based directly around google maps making it user friendly and easy to use. Grab your coat today and explore your surroundings, you may never know about your local routes until you try it!

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

Price: £1.49


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