Published on June 15th, 2012


My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit

How does it look?

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What does it do?

The My Last Cigarette app allows you to access statistics which are updated every second. Users are able to view nicotine level and expected craving readouts which are all based upon the latest statistics and medical knowledge. Each day, users will receive motivational facts or quotes to boost their will power and inspire them to continue their smoke free lifestyle. The application also gives users access to their carbon monoxide level in the blood, what their prospective life expectancy increase will be and keeps a record of the time you have been a non-smoker. Keep count of the number of cigarettes NOT smoked, the amount of money you have saved as well as your risk of heart attack and lung cancer compared to before are all features to motivate you and give you the strength to carry on without smoking. Some startling facts such as the amount of deaths since you have given up, should allow users to see for themselves the benefits in quitting smoking.

What’s the verdict?

If you’re serious about quitting smoking, this app is perfect to get you through those tough times when you feel like relapsing. It reminds users of the reasons they need to quit smoking, and in turn motivating the user to change their lifestyle for good. By showing users the affects smoking as on the body, the user should then grow the willpower to quit for the sake of their health.

Available on: Iphone/iPad

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