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What does it do?

NatWest’s banking app is a great way of keeping track of your finances on the go. This app makes checking your finances extremely easy and quick. NatWest make it easy for you to pay people from this app, all you need is a phone number! You’ll never be far from a branch with this app, which lets you know where your nearest branch or cash machine is. Easy registration means you will be up and running in no time. Get cash from any cash machine without using your debit card, so its no issue when you leave your wallet at home. This all-in-one app is essential for any NatWest customer.

What’s the verdict?

This app is easy and quick to use, all you need to log in is a simple number passcode, which makes viewing your bank information easy wherever you are. No need to memorize several passwords! The security on this app is great, meaning no one can see your personal information even if your device is left unattended or stolen.

Available on: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Price: Free


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