Published on July 17th, 2014


New iWatch coming to Apple stores this Autumn


Apple is working on the brand new iWatch which goes far beyond telling the time, allowing users to measure and track health and fitness data with a new wearable device. The iWatch expected be able to operate independently of an iPhone or iPad and is set to feature functions that are iOS-exclusive like health monitoring apps which will be extremely beneficial to the ILG Elite Sports App. ILG will ensure full integration with these features to ensure that all sports clubs are able to fully maximise this new technology and the features which are set to enhance health and fitness data. However, specific details on exactly how the device might appear or what functions it will be able to action remain undisclosed. The iWatch, if it ever becomes a reality, is truly Apple’s next big thing, an anticipated secret device in the same class as the first iPhone or iPad.

Reports have suggested the iWatch will debutĀ this autumnĀ and go on sale in time for the Christmas shopping season.

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