Published on July 18th, 2013


New whatsapp update allows chat backup

The new Whatsapp update 2.10.1. allows you to back up all your existing conversations using iCloud so that if you get a new phone, all your conversations will be safe! Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging service, so i’m sure this will be welcomed news by all users. Here is how you can back your chats up to iCloud:

1. Go to the Whatsapp app and select Settings.

2. Press Chat Settings and then Chat Backup


You can turn on Auto Back up by selecting this option and then choosing between Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Alternatively you can manually back up your chats by selecting ‘Back Up Now’.

You have the option to back up manually or your iPhone will back up automatically at different intervals set by you. This is really handy as you don’t have to worry about constantly backing up and saving to iCloud as your iPhone will do all the thinking for you! Equally if you only want to back up specific conversations that are of importance you can manually back up! Either way, this ensures that you are never out of contact and if your phone is lost, stolen or broken, you can easily connect with your friends and family again, without the aggravation of tracking down their numbers first.

Great update from Whatsapp!


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