Published on August 20th, 2013


Organise your iOS camera roll with Photowerks app

Navigating around your camera roll can prove tricky and  with thousands of pictures its hard to find a specific one! This is where Photowerks can help as it organises your photos using various categories to allow you to search your camera roll using different criteria. In addition to date taken, you can sort your photos by location and by the camera make or model with which you took the pictures. You can also change the order, ascending or descending. The app is free, but for a  in-app purchase, you can enable Photowerks’ Smart Albums, which let you combine date, location, and camera attributes.

Photowerks is a simple app which is great for sorting your photos and finding the ones you need, when you need them! The app does not allow you to delete multiple images at one time, you can only delete individual photos from the app, not your phone entirely. The app is purely an organisational tool and allows you to mark each photo you take with its date, location and camera model which is great when looking through old pictures as it really takes you back to the time and place.

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