Published on December 4th, 2012


Over 20,000 Youtube views for izzyj!

Here at izzyj HQ, we are delighted to announce that our Youtube Channel has now hit over 20,000 views! In just 5 months of setting up the channel, it is a great achievement for us, especially with some of our videos reaching over 7000 views alone.

Our aim is to help Apple users with any queries they may have with their devices, primarily iPhones and iPads, with short simple video tutorials. As the Youtube Channel grows, its exciting to see it become a success and we hope to continue to develop and improve our videos. At izzyj, we produce new videos every week, keeping the content on the Youtube Channel up to date and fresh. If there are any videos we have missed, please send your suggestions and ideas to us via Twitter @izzy__j orĀ Facebook.

There is a world of things you can do with your Apple device, izzyj is here to help you realise the potential!


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