Published on October 19th, 2012


Parental controls: have you got yours?

With the technological world ever developing and changing, it is becoming harder and harder for parents to stay on top of their child’s activity on their phones or devices. izzyj is here to help as we understand how important it is to put limits on what your children can do on their phones to ensure their safety and exposure is at a level that you approve of. A phone is an important communication tool, which allows you to contact your child at any time however it also opens up a whole new world with new things to see and do, and all of these things should be limited in accordance to what you think is suitable and appropriate.

Here at izzyj we have a range of videos, apps and gadgets to ensure that you can maintain parental control of your child’s device. First of all, here is a video tutorial showing how you can set parental controls on an iPhone which allows you to choose which apps/functions are enabled on the phone and all of this is password protected.


YogiPlay Parent Center is an app thats been developed to help parents find the best, fun learning apps for their kids and for them to learn more about kid’s playtime on mobile devices. You as a parent can ensure that you make the right app purchases for your child with customised recommendations by a team of child educational experts who qualify and rate every app for learning value and quality. With YogiPlay you can make informed decisions about your kid’s mobile experience with tailored recommendations based on your child’s favourite apps and development etc.

Take a look at our izzyj review of YogiPlay Parent Center here.

With the new iOS6 update, we have seen the introduction of the Find Friends app which we think would make great parental control tool. The app comes free and is automatically downloaded when you update to iOS6 software. Find Friends allows you to add your friend’s, family or in this case children’s iPhones/iPads or any Apple device which will then allow you to track the location of the device. Automatically picking up the location of your device, the app will show where your contacts are at any given time which would allow parents to keep tabs on their children, ensuring their whereabouts are known at all times. Although this app doesn’t specifically ensure the safety of the contacts you have on the app, it may put your mind at rest to know where your child is at all times -ensuring they have their phone on them at all times for contact.

Now you’ve heard of our izzyj methods of maintaining parental control on your children’s Apple devices, you can decide which route you wish to take if not all three! It is important to maintain parental control to ensure that your children are using their devices for what you wish them to use it for and nothing else, for their safety alone. These methods could put your mind at ease and allow your child to have full communication without the worries of what they are being exposed to.

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