Published on February 15th, 2013


Perfect business apps for those on-the-go!

We know that business men and women are constantly on the move but we have some handy apps and tutorials which could help you manage certain aspects of your business on the go. Don’t let your busy lifestyle stop you from organising your workforce while your out at meetings – you can control everything straight from your mobile device.

1. Dragon Dictation

Dragon dictation is a voice recognition app which allows you to speak and dictate your emails or text messages and they will instantly appear on your device ready to send. It is said to be 5 times faster than typing on a keyboard and supports a wide range of languages. You can update your Facebook status, write and send notes or reminders or even Tweet all using your voice, just speak calmly and clearly. Perfect for the businessman on the go – just stop typing and start talking! Features include a voice driven correction interface, editing features which provide a list of suggested alternatives if some words are not recognised. Voice-to-text transcription has never been easier – so start speaking your messages, email, notes and more today!

2. iZettle

iZettle allows users to take secure card payments which is currently in closed beta in the UK. If you’d like try out the app, please request an invite and simply download the app and leave your details in the form. If you’re in any other country, simply download the app and sign up for your free account! The iZettle fees for card transactions are 2.75% of the transaction amount for all supported cards if you’re using the free card reader. If you’re not using the reader, the fee is £0.10 + 3.5% (or equivalent in your local currency) of the transaction amount. There are no other fees and you receive daily deposits to your bank account. iZettle is a just as secure as all other card terminals but is easily accessible from mobile devices, allowing you to complete card transactions on the go. No sensitive data is ever stored on the mobile device, and all data traffic is encrypted.

3. Keynote

Keynote is the mobile device answer to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Allowing users to create professional presentations on the move, it is perfect for those who have a long commute or simply are constantly on the move. Complete with animated charts and transitions, this application allows you to present straight from your device whether it be iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, leaving your bulky laptop behind. Keynote is also accessible through iCloud, allowing the user to present on a different device to where the presentation was created as well as keeping your presentation up to date across all your iOS devices. Extremely well-suited for business presentations, this application can make last minute presentations look professional and well-planned.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is an application which allows users to store photos, documents and videos. It enables users to save documents across all there devices, as long as all are installed with the Dropbox application. Therefore you can access all your important documents, photos and videos from whichever device you are using and are not restricted by use. Great business app for businessmen on the go! You can add files to ‘Favorites’ which allows you to access certain files quickly and offline which is great if you don’t have wireless connection available. Dropbox allows users to share photos and documents with family friends and keep your other files private as you only share the folders you wish them to see.

5. Maas360 by Fiberlink

Maas360 is a mobile device management application. It allows you to monitor your data usage, restrict certain areas of a device remotely and determine the last known location of your device. This app is mainly used to secure your device and maintain that your private documents remain private. Maas360 is perfect for business use as it allows employers to keep on top of their company owned devices leant out to employees. It lets you know the whereabouts of the devices and allows you to remotely wipe or lock a device if it were to be lost or stolen. Maas360 allows users to receive alerts as your device enters of leaves defined locations as well as receive messages or alerts from your company Help Desk. Maas360 also encourages companies to use the Bring Your Own Device scheme in which employees can use their personal devices for work purposes with the help of Maas360 to limit their uses during work hours so that the device is used for work purposes only.

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