Published on June 18th, 2012


Preserve your battery life and speed up your device, it’s simple once you know how!

Wow! At izzyj Head Office we are really excited about one of our Apple video tutorials! After producing this video and uploading it to our Youtube channel on Friday, we were delighted to come into the office this morning to find our video has had 61 views already!

This popular video is called ‘Force quit an app to speed up your iPad’, a great tip if your iPad is running slowly or the battery life becomes drained too quickly. You may not actually realise but, when you close an app by simply returning to the homescreen the app will not close completely, but will still remain open in the iPad’s memory. This will cause your iPhone to use more memory than is needed which will result in your device running much slower, freezing or draining the battery life. To close the apps completely and stop them from clogging up the memory you need to ‘force quite your app’.

This may sound scary but rest assured your apps will still remain on your homescreen and will not be permanently deleted. Here is our simple guide to force quit your apps and allow your iPad/iPhone to run smoothly!



Photo by: Loimere/Flickr




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