Published on August 1st, 2012


Prevention is better than cure for all you tweeps!

Here at izzyj HQ we have been inundated with queries surrounding the twitter application for iPad/iPhone. It seems the app may not be as easy to use as Twitter on the PC but we are here to help you overcome these issues!

The main issue we found was that you cannot log out from the Twitter app which presents many difficulties for users. It is important to log out of Twitter so that if your device happened to be stolen or lost, no one else can access your Twitter account. izzyj have created a video tutorial for an alternative method for logging out of the application which has exactly the same results.


Another alternative to protect your device would be to set an advanced passcode onto your iPhone/iPad. This uses characters as well as numbers, in contrast to the basic passcode which is only numerical. It allows you to choose a more cryptic passcode which is harder to guess! This means no one will be able to even reach your Twitter account or any other part of your device!


Keep your Twitter account protected with izzyj!

Photo by Andreas Eldh/Flickr

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