Printing maps on the iPad

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  1. Shirl says:

    hi! what if you want to print anything from your ipad not just maps? somebody said you can use loads of third party apps like print and share?

    • BenJones says:

      Hi Shirl. You can print from almost anywhere on the iPad. If the app you are in allows it, a small sharing icon will be displayed on the screen (a small box icon with an arrow pointing out of it to the right), tap on this and then do the following:

    • Select printer and select a wireless printer from the list
    • Go back to the printer options and select how many copies you would like
    • Now hit print and the webpage, document, image etc will print out on the wireless printer selected
    • We will be sure to do another tutorial video soon covering this in more depth so be sure to keep an eye out, in the mean time we hope that helped!

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