Published on October 25th, 2012


Programmer App

How does it look?

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What does it do?

When we  say programming, your probably thinking 0’s and 1’s for on and off. You couldn’t have been more wrong, this app is completely new and different to anything we have seen before. This app teaches you JavaScript programming through a series of tutorials with clear and easy to read instructions. Are you the more advanced, technical programmer? Don’t worry, Programmer App covers all skill levels from the real basics, all the way to advanced techniques. When you have mastered the built in codes, you have the option to go and create your own with the built in code editor which lets you modify the tutorials which are already built in to create super apps. If you get to the point where you are finished, it does not end there. All of your code is then stored on the device which can be recalled for later study.

What’s the verdict?

01 (Yes) we approve, this app certainly delivers exactly what it says on the tin. This will provide you with an introduction to Javascript which is a useful tool when learning the basics of programming. The layout of the application is very clear and concise which is required when you need to focus (which for us is every minute) as coding can be difficult to grasp. Ideally, this app would be for people who are interested in coding but have not dabbled with it before.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

Price: £1.99


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