Published on April 25th, 2014


ProntoForms Custom Branding is a Game-Changer

Last month, ProntoForms launched custom branding, the all-inclusive ability to make our App your App. It’s an industry game-changer for a variety of reasons but the chief reason being that any size business on any size budget can now afford and deploy its own cutting edge mobile data collection solution.

ProntoForms custom branding lets organisations put their logo and colours on the mobile form application, on the Web Portal and on completed data outputs (PDF and Word documents).

In fact, the origin of ProntoForms custom branding actually came from our customers. They wanted it and we delivered.

Here are the key reasons why ProntoForms custom branding is so beneficial.

No in-house build required

The advent of custom branding, combined with the customisable nature of the ProntoForms solution, effectively and definitively ends the Buy vs Build debate, once and for all. By adding the ability to brand the ProntoForms solution in every meaningful way possible, no longer are businesses required to conceive, build, maintain and support a comparable in-house mobile business process solution. This allows our customers to concentrate on their core business operations and objectives.

Brand elevation

With custom branding from ProntoForms, a company’s field workers now fill out mobile forms on tablets and smartphones and capture customer signoff with a solution that features only its firm name and logo. In short, this serves to only elevate the company’s brand, and increase company credibility in the eyes of its customers. This extends as well to emailed PDF or Word invoices and reports to the customer. When we say it’s your App, we really mean that it’s your app.

The best of both worlds

I touched on it in the in-house build section, but I really do want to emphasise how our customers now get the best of both worlds. Not only is ProntoForms fully customisable in look and functionality, but it is the leading mobile form solution in the industry. So, our customers enjoy all the benefits of having their own solution, without any of the expense, time or headaches associated with having to continually maintain and upgrade the product. It really is a win-win customer proposition.

Whoever you are, ProntoForms is the answer

As a cost-effective, scalable and regularly updated SaaS solution, ProntoForms can improve your business processes and help cut down on operational costs. So whether you’re an international pest control firm like Rentokil or a local Vermont HVAC company like Avonda Air Systems, ProntoForms is the answer to how to mobilise your business processes. In fact, with custom branding, it isn’t the answer, it’s YOUR answer.



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