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Published on August 28th, 2012



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What does it do?

ProntoForms is a mobile form submission application which integrates cloud services and connects to your office system. ProntoForms can mobilize any business, converting and recreating existing paper forms onto any major mobile device, or choose sample forms from the app. The app allows you to capture data, photos, signatures, barcodes, and location (geo) and time stamps on any smartphone or tablet. You can send and receive data and reports in real-time as well as process invoices, work orders and other information a lot faster. Convert your endless paper forms into simple electronic forms which can be sent quickly and easily and a cut of the price.

What’s the verdict?

ProntoForms is a great business app and is a sure money saver. It’s cost efficient due and economic as it saves the amount of paper used by businesses year on year. Signature recognition is a great features as all signatures can be recorded and backed up, saving human error. This is an innovative business app for the future, so don’t let your business get left behind!

Available on: iPhone/iPad

Price: Free




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