Published on February 4th, 2013



How does it look?

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What does it do?

Creating and scanning barcodes has never been easier, using this clever advanced tool from Qrafter. QR codes are everywhere we look and you can’t always scan them in time and with accuracy and speed. The high quality picture capture that this boasts far exceeds many of the other capture methods and all of your scans are saved to a History tab allowing you to view whatever you have saved at a later date. Within the settings, Scan and Go can be enabled which allows you to browse quickly and efficiently through websites using the QR code method as well. Qrafter also allows you to create QR codes, which not many of the other available apps will let you do. Some of the functions that are supported are: URL, Location, Contact Card and Events. Some of the more advanced features include Tweets, phone calls and even connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

What’s the verdict?

With the ever evolving marketing techniques available, QR codes seem to have been a massive hit with many large corporations when advertising products and services. Finding a QR reader that works correctly and accurately seemed to be a real task and after several different solutions this definitely came out on top. The functionality far outweighs the competition with features such as simply creating a QR code for a URL, and outperforms with its direct fed camera without any image alterations straight from your iDevice. Whether you are simply linking to your website or sending out mass tweets, Qrafter should definitely not be overlooked as an option.

Available on: iPod Touch / iPad / iPhone

Price: Free


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