Published on July 10th, 2014


Reduce the time it takes to charge your iPhone

There is a simple tip that will enable you to charge your mobile much quicker – perfect for when you have next to no battery but need it to be fully charged within the next half an hour. We can’t promise that it will charge fully within half an hour but we can definitely share the secret into reducing the time it takes to charge your phone.

First of all, before you connect your phone to the charger, close any open apps and enable Airplane mode. This will turn off all of the wireless radios in your device, preventing you from making calls, accessing the Web, or using the GPS – the sacrifice for your phone charging slightly quicker.

You can also turn the device off to achieve a quicker charge time, although this isn’t an ideal solution for those of us who rely on the clock or alarm features. While charging times won’t be earth-shattering (improving by only a few minutes), every second counts when you are in a rush. It should be noted that charging times will vary depending on the size of your battery and how powerful the charger you are using is.

Remember, the backlight and display require a significant amount of power. There’s no need to keep checking the charging progress of your device. Let your phone charge and grab it when you are ready to leave.

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