Published on November 2nd, 2012


Remember, remember the 5th of November…

Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot! With many of you attending fireworks displays this weekend, we have been searching high and low for some bonfire inspired apps and games for the occasion. If your not a fan of venturing out in the cold for your firework displays, izzyj can bring fireworks night to the comfort of your own home!

1. iPUBQUIZ – Bonfire Night

A pub quiz inspired by the 5th November and if you get the answer correct you can win 500 points for your fireworks box. Do you know all about Guy Fawkes, who invented fireworks and which country they originated in? Well you better do some serious research as this quiz will test your knowledge on fireworks to the max and by the time your finished you really will be a pyrotechnic expert!

Available on: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: Free

2. Fireworks

Ever wanted to create your own fireworks show? Well with the fireworks app, you can choose from 15 locations around the globe to host your show and use multiple burst shapes with scalable explosions. The app also includes realistic sound effects which will add to your fireworks show experience. If you are unable to make a live fireworks show, this may be the next best thing!

Available on: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: £0.69

3.  Firework Fever

Pyro Pete is the pyro-technician setting off an amazing firework display, but he’s slept in and hasn’t collected his fireworks yet – can you get him there on time and collect all his fireworks on the way? Help Pyro Pete dodge obstacles in the street, keep his energy up and watch out for those dangerous Grannies. Fireworks Fever is a brilliant game to get you in the mood for fireworks night!

Available on: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: Free

Now you’ve seen the fabulous apps and games that fireworks night has to offer, you can decide which one would suit you best! izzyj can help bring the fireworks straight to your device in the comfort of your own home for you to enjoy! It really is the safest way to celebrate the 5th November!

Photo by John_Brennan/Flickr

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