Published on April 25th, 2013


Samsung experiment with mind controlled tablet

The South Korean firm along with US researchers have demonstrated how people can launch an application and make selections on a Galaxy tablet by concentrating on a blinking icon. This is a great step for technology and shows what the future may hold for using tablet devices. This could prove invaluable to those with mobility issues for example those who suffer with ‘locked-in syndrome’, as they will be able to use this technology by simply using concentration methods.

Users had to wear a cap studded with EEG-monitoring electrodes in order for the ‘mind control’ to work. Samsung demonstrated the mind controlled tablet by selecting a music application then playing and pausing the music track simply by using mind control. The speed a user can control the tablet is one selection every 5 seconds with an accuracy of 80% to 95%. Other technology companies are said to be moving in the same direction as Samsung and starting to look at using mind control programmes with other mobile tablets.

The mind control method is not yet close to being used by the general population, mainly due to the fact it is extremely time consuming and involves incredible concentration. This is a great development for the future of technology and is especially helpful to those with disabilities. The mind control tablet can also help to gauge the mood of the user, which may also help with market research in the future.

Photo by: needoptic/Flickr

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