Published on June 25th, 2013


Save battery life on your iPhone/iPad by adjusting your Notification Center settings

iPhone and iPad batteries are prone to fading extremely quickly, especially when you are using them regularly as most people do. The worst thing is not being able to use your phone when you need it the most, you feel out of touch with the world and lacking in any entertainment. We have got a great tip which can help make your battery last longer without affecting your user experience whatsoever!

Here’s what we recommend trying:

  • Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on Notifications.
  • FInd an app that frequently sends you notifications and tap on its name.
  • Scroll down towards the bottom and you’ll see an option for View in Lock Screen.
  • Turn this option to Off for any apps that aren’t important to be displayed on your Lock Screen.

It is a good idea to disable the notifications on the lock screen for apps that you don’t really use but keep the ones that you use regularly and wish to be notified about. You will still receive all push notifications for these apps, however you will not be notified via your lock screen. They will also appear in your Notification Center however the reason this doesn’t use up excess battery is because less screen use will mean better battery life. You can gain up to 25% more battery life each day which can make a big difference.

Try it out and let us know if you’re getting better battery life!

Photo by: p_a_h/Flickr

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