Published on September 20th, 2012


Schedule Planner

How does it look?

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What does it do?

Schedule Planner is an app to aid users in planning out their daily activities in terms of importance. Each task can be associated to a specific category such as ‘work’, ‘health’ and ‘meals among others, once this has been selected users can simply input a time block to complete this task within. Your schedule can be viewed day to day or week to week via a graphic calendar. All tasks are colour coordinated to allow you to distinguish between each one and the app can provide users with an in-depth pie chart to show how their time is distributed between tasks and categories. Schedule Planner allows users to create schedules from scratch or use the templates provided to save time.

What’s the verdict?

This app is perfect for those who love to be organised – especially those with a busy schedule! If you are in need of organising your life Schedule Planner is a great help. This app is more than just a diary, the calendar provided is easy to use and really helps you see how you manage your time. The statistics and colour coordination allow you to see the areas you spend a lot of time doing and those which you may need to spend more time doing. Easy to use interface with some great time management features and graphics.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

Price: Free



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