Published on October 29th, 2012


Secret Apps

How does it look?

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What does it do?

Whether you are protecting business documents or simply don’t want to share your photos with everybody else, Secret Apps lets you lock and hide away all of your private files. You are prompted to choose between a pin code or a pattern which will allow you into the application. Think you can get away with cracking the password? Think again! Using the front camera built into the iDevice, your photo will be snapped and saved into a file which can be accessed and viewed with the correct password which you initially¬†entered. Trick your device crackers into inputting a second password which will not reveal any files but still captures an image and the location of the person logging. Don’t get caught out, protect yourself today.

What’s the verdict?

From a business perspective this app will secure all of the files on your device in a safe manner. The ability to track who logs in is brilliant and will make finding system intruders easy. The app is very easy to set up and gives you two options for security. If you think that you are likely to forget your password you are given the option to send it directly to your email which will be a saviour if you ever did forget the password. This really does give a sense of security and is already used by organisations worldwide today for enhanced protection.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

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