Published on December 18th, 2012


Sketching with Style

Drawing can be categorised into many different sectors and is an activity carried out by many different people. Whether you are the next Picasso or a general illustrator, graphics manipulation programs are readily available for anybody that wants to have a go. We have recently recognised that many drawing applications are getting lots of publication through Apple and other websites so we thought we would dive in  and find out what all of the fuss is about.

1. Paper

Not only is Paper rated one of the Best of 2012 by Apple themselves, we found out that the in-app purchases were amongst one of the highest throughout the whole store. The concept of Paper is really simple; you create an album which is represented by a book and sketch all of your ideas and creations inside. Pages are shown as a spread across the book which allows you to create a personal portfolio. When you first open the application, you are given just an ink pen and an eraser tool along with some basic colours. If you find yourself bored of these tools, you can purchase different utensils within the store including a sketch pencil, outline tool, writing pen, colour and mixers. With these you are never limited and the opportunities are endless.



2. Art Set

If quality is what you are looking for in your image,s then this kit containing over 15 tools, is definitely for you. Within this compact and easy-to-use app you are given a colour palette which creates ultimate customisation and if you thought this wasn’t enough, blend colours together to create a whole new shade. Share your images and designs with the world using the built in social media features and email functionality. There really are no limits with this application and it is used by many famous designers already. What is stopping you from designing world class images? For just 69p download and draw today!



3. SketchBookX

If the other drawing and sketch applications aren’t enough for you, then SketchBook covers everything that you will ever need. Based on a similar interface as Photoshop, using image layers for separating sections of the picture, SketchBook brings together multiple tools and functions designed to provide you with the ultimate in graphics solutions. Some of the more advanced tools included in this application include mirrored drawing which allows you to replicate whatever is drawn one side to the other, text tools and one of the more unique features we have seen which is to move individual layers within the image. SketchBookX is completely FREE so make sure you download it and try it now!

Photo by: VFS Digital Design/Flickr

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