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How does it look?

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What does it do?

Skype is known worldwide as one of the most efficient VOIP (voice over IP) systems available free on almost all operating systems across the world. Whether you are using it simply for a text conversation or a business conference, the quality of the service ¬†and clarity of the voice is extremely clear and uses only the highest quality codec’s available. Skype was initially designed for calls to family and friends while they are abroad, however the new system allows calls and text messages to mobile phones and landlines as well as the free user to user calls which have always been supported. Sign in with your account on your iPad or iPhone and access all of your contact details that were previously saved, bringing syncronisation between all of your devices. You can even set up call forwarding so you will never miss a call again.

What’s the verdict?

Being a frequent user of Skype, it is difficult to know what it would be like to be without this brilliant method of contact. Skype has evolved massively over the last few years, moving from one platform to another and one device to the next. Calling from a mobile device for free has always been a hot topic, and the introduction of the app to iPad has revolutionised communication between families and businesses alike. The ability to make a free account makes this accessible for anybody who wants to give it a go and with the app being free there is nothing stopping you from uninstalling it if you dislike it. The layout and design of the app is simplistic and represents your contacts clearly using their picture and name which in my eyes makes this one of the hottest in mobile and telecommunications.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

Price: Free


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