Published on December 14th, 2012



How Does It Look?

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What does it do?

With this app you will be able to ‘wow’ your friends with your new found photo editing skills! Snapseed is an very powerful picture editor for iOS. From cropping to tilt-shift effects this app almost does it all! It brings pro level photo editing power to your hands. It supports pictures for all iOS devices and when used with the camera connection kit on the iPad it also supports JPEG, TIFF and even RAW files from your SLR!

Whats the verdict?

This app boasts some very impressive features. As soon you open this app you are presented with a notification screen over the app to show you how it works to get you up and going in minutes! With a huge range a customisable effects that are very impressive to have on a iPad or iPhone theres nothing that this app can be knocked down on especially as its free!

Available on: iPad/iPhone

Price: Free


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