Published on October 23rd, 2012



How does it look?

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What does it do?

This clever little scanner is not just limited to barcodes like the more commercial applications, SnapTell is totally different. With the camera, you can take a ‘snap’ of the cover of any book, DVD, CD or video game and within seconds of processing you can get a rating, a description and links to many different sites such as Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, IMDb and Barnes & Noble. Use this app in store to find out user ratings, compare prices and even buy the product form the device. Of course, you can still scan a regular barcode and get the same functions. For even faster results you can use wifi which will bring through results even faster.

What’s the verdict?

This app definitely shines over other barcode and comparison scanner applications. The information that is provided when you scan the covers is relevant and (although not always correct due to duplicate barcodes) related to the product that you have scanned. Scanning products is easy and the interface shows when it has detected a product it recognises. SnapTell makes finding product information easier than ever so get snapping today!

Available on: iPhone

Price: Free


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