Published on November 6th, 2012


Subscribe. Download. Play: Podcasts on iOS6

With the new iOS6 software update for the iPad, Podcasts have been introduced as a pre-installed app on the device. The app gives you access to a wide variety of audio shows, presenters and podcasts, allowing you to subscribe to your favourite as well as set automatic downloads to ensure you never miss out!  Take a look at our izzyj guides to the Podcasts app to ensure you know how to download, play and subscribe to your favourite podcasts – it could open your eyes to a whole new world of audio delights!

Introduction to the Podcasts App

Discover hundreds of thousands of popular, free audio and video podcasts from the Apple Podcasts Catalog. The app has some great features for example, the Sleep Timer which allows you to listen to your favourite podcasts in bed and will automatically turn off after a preferred length of time. Share your favourite episodes with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter as well as sync your Podcasts across all of your Apple devices to ensure that you never miss an episode!

Download & Play Podcasts


Auto-download Podcasts

You can download individual podcasts or alternatively select to auto-download your favourite podcasts which means each new podcast will automatically be downloaded to your device as soon as it becomes available. This allows you to listen at your leisure, it really is effortless as the app does everything for you without request.

Subscribe to a podcast


Browse the Podcast Catalog to find your favourite podcasts or even try out some new ones! There are so many audio and video podcasts to choose from, you really will be spoilt for choice. Its easy to subscribe to the podcasts which will then give you simple, quick and easy access to all your podcasts when you want them.

Podcasts is a great new feature brought to your by iOS6 for your Apple devices and now you can make the most of this new application. Why not take a look and see if you can find any useful or interesting podcasts that take your fancy – it could open your eyes to a whole new method of entertainment. Apple has made it so easy to enjoy this application with its simple and useful features, you really can’t go wrong, just explore!

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