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Published on August 15th, 2012



How does it look?

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What does it do?

The application allows users to find the nearest store to wherever they are, this is handy if you are in an unfamiliar area as it is based on your device location. You will never be too far away from a Tesco’s store. The Tesco’s app allows you to order your shopping straight from your mobile device or amend a previous order if you wish. This is prefect for mum’s on the go, whether you’re at work or waiting for the kid’s to finish school, you have access to Tesco’s wherever you are. Add your Clubcard to your device to enable you to scan it at the checkout straight from your phone – great for those irritating times when you forget your card!   If you’re in need of inspiration for meals, you can browse hundreds of recipes sorted by course or cuisine in addition to the 1000s of Tesco products already available. Straight from the application, you can access your Clubcard vouchers and rewards that you have earnt.


What’s the verdict?

A simple app that makes your food shopping simple! You can place your orders straight from your device, wherever you may be. Forget the days of trawling endlessly around the supermarkets, trying to remember everything you need, with this app you can amend and update as many times as you need. The recipe’s section is very handy, allowing users to try new things and purchase them immediately!

Available on: iOS 4 onwards – iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Price: Free

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