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Published on August 15th, 2012


The Lorax – Marshmallow Munch Game Review

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After seeing the film and being in awe of the brilliant animation detail, expectations for the game were quite high, but instead presented with a basic 2d puzzle game, however an addictive one at that!

Closely resembling the look of games such as Angry Birds, you straight away feel that you already know how to play the game, but the game takes on a new twist with how you play it. In order to get through each level you must get the marshmallow past the obstacles by touching various items to destroy them, some you can’t destroy but by using other items in sequence you can watch the towers crumble! With a feeling straight away that the graphics had let the game down, the gameplay soon got me on to the road of addiction! After just a few levels you become hooked and want to progress quicker and quicker on to the next levels to see how the game could test your logic skills.

Along with some classic Lorax humour presented in short clips through the game, The Lorax Marshmallow Munch proves to be a great game with lots of challenging levels to keep your mind engaged.

Alerting all parents! This game is guaranteed to keep your kids quiet on those long car journeys!

Available on: iPhone/iPad
Price: FREE!!


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