Published on February 26th, 2013


Tidy life, tidy mind – its never too late

It may be nearly March already but it is never too late to make a fresh start! Here at izzyj, we can help give your life an overhaul and make sure you get everything back on track. Organisation is key and with our help, you can’t go wrong! Take a look at these great apps that can help you organise different aspects of your life to ensure that you stay on top of everything with ease.

1. Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is an app to aid users in planning out their daily activities in terms of importance. Each task can be associated to a specific category such as ‘work’, ‘health’ and ‘meals among others, once this has been selected users can simply input a time block to complete this task within. Your schedule can be viewed day to day or week to week via a graphic calendar. All tasks are colour coordinated to allow you to distinguish between each one and the app can provide users with an in-depth pie chart to show how their time is distributed between tasks and categories. Schedule Planner allows users to create schedules from scratch or use the templates provided to save time.

2. Evernote

Evernote helps you remember everything you need to and syncs across all devices you may use. You can keep notes to stay organised, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote allows you to capture photos, create to-do lists and even record voice reminders which are available from any device that you use. The notes you make are all searchable through the search feature on the application allowing you to find the notes you need when you need them.

3. Outline Pro

Outline Pro is an application used by students to organise their essays and papers. Allowing users to manage your topic, thesis, introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion for a well-organised essay or paper as well as add unlimited body paragraphs to your work. The app lets users compose structured bullet points to organise your ideas for each section of the essay as well as keeping a word and character count on the screen as you are typing. The app allows you to print via AirPrint and choose between normal and large fonts.

4. Account tracker

Account Tracker is the ultimate budgeting application, which allows you to manage your personal and corporate finance. Features include bill reminders, account alerts, creating budgets and composing full account reports. This app is great for those who hold a number of bank accounts and need to stay on top of their finances. Perfect for businesses, especially if you do not wish to solely rely on an accounts team, it allows you to track account activity one transaction at a time. Allowing you to distinguish between personal and business accounts, this app is well suited to the busy businessman on the move. As well as viewing previous and current transactions, Account Tracker also allows you to look to forwards showing all your future monetary commitments up to 2 years in advance. Again, targeting the business market, this application can alert you when specific accounts are close to becoming overdrawn as well as setting spending income and transfer budgets.

Now you have no excuse……
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