Published on March 28th, 2013


Time for a spring clean!

It is now officially Spring time, even though the weather hasn’t really caught up with the seasons yet, so what better time for a spring clean! We have some great apps and tutorials that will help you give your life that much needed spring clean – its never to late to get everything sorted!

1. No more lay ins for you! Get up and have a productive day!


This simplistic alarm clock application introduces a whole new way to snooze and set the timing by using finger motions. If being named one of the “Most Beautiful iOS Apps of 2012″ and being featured in over 10 magazine titles isn’t enough, you better read on. This clever alarm revolves around dragging and swiping menu functions, such as dragging up and down to set the time you want to wake up and also swiping across to turn the alarm on and off. Repeat settings and tone changing is fully available and it comes ready loaded with some high quality classic alarm tones. Changing the time with a dragging motion also changes the background based on the time of day, whether it be sunrise or sunset. Did we forget to mention that it is fully compatible with iOS6 functions too? Its time to wake up and embrace the new and futuristic technology!

2. Start planning for everything – even your food shop!

Grocery List

Grocery List is and does exactly what it says on the tin. This handy app allows you to make a detailed note of all of your shopping in one place. With advanced food suggestions, the app can automatically find and complete a search for a specific food even before you have typed the full word. The app also lets you input amount so you don’t make a mistake when you are buying in quantity. You are also given a handy colouring tool which lets you prioritise and group products that are of a similar category. The developer allows you to create an account so you can create multiple lists, this is available on their website and allows you to sync your lists with the cloud. You can even send your lists through text message or email, enabling you to download them and store your lists for a later date. Download the app and create an account today for a stress free, paper saving solution to shopping!

3. Tidy life, tidy mind!

Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is an app to aid users in planning out their daily activities in terms of importance. Each task can be associated to a specific category such as ‘work’, ‘health’ and ‘meals among others, once this has been selected users can simply input a time block to complete this task within. Your schedule can be viewed day to day or week to week via a graphic calendar. All tasks are colour coordinated to allow you to distinguish between each one and the app can provide users with an in-depth pie chart to show how their time is distributed between tasks and categories. Schedule Planner allows users to create schedules from scratch or use the templates provided to save time.

 4. Even your iPad needs a good tidy once in a while!

Photo by:  promanex/Flickr

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