Published on April 30th, 2013


Top apps for the bank holiday

This coming weekend is a bank holiday which means you have any extra day off to sit back and relax! Here are some great apps to help you enjoy your bank holiday:

1 Dont forget to check the weather forecast:

2. Always make sure you have ideas of new things to do:

Things to do: London

If you’re taking a trip to the big smoke any time soon, this is the app for you! With a range of ratings and reviews, you can find out the best places to go and things to do in London. The app allows you to review places yourself as you go or read others reviews to see what they have to say before you go. You can use this app to scan your iTunes library to find out which artists are performing gigs in London soon. Geo-location lets you pinpoint where you are and recommends things to do in the surrounding area on the map, including previews of each. You can search things to do by type of activity, area or simply browse the suggestions. Event listings and previews are updated daily providing you with the latest information for your trip.

3. Go shopping!


The Amazon app gives you mobile access to the online Amazon store. Users can browse, search, receive product details, read reviews and purchase millions of products directly from the app. Sign in with your existing login to view your shopping basket, payment and shipping details, all account information can be used across both the web and app. The app also enables you to compare prices and check availability by instantly scanning a barcode, taking a picture of the item or using the search feature.  It is a secure way to carry out your Amazon shopping!

4. Start going running!

Nike+ GPS

Nike+ GPS is designed to enhance your entire running experience and hopefully make it easier to stick to your running program long term. the app tracks all your data which allows you to look back over previous runs to see the distance you travelled, how fast you went and how many calories you burned. This allows users to track their improvement and in turn motivate them on future runs to beat their previous time/distance. Every time you run you can set yourself new goals, increasing the challenge each time to push yourself to the max! Each run is mapped using GPS technology allowing you to review your runs with colour coding which will show users which parts they ran fast and the parts they ran slower. Nike+ GPS also integrates with your music playlist for you to listen to your ideal running soundtrack and offers voice encouragement and motivation to aid your running performance. Endorsed by Nike, this app is the ultimate application to improve your running, track your progress and enhance your performance.

5. If the weather isn’t looking good you can always stay in a bake some cupcakes:

Hello Cupcake! 

However old you are, decorating cakes is always fun and most of all – delicious! Hello Cupcake brings you a colourful mix of creative and innovative cake designs which are all unique. Creations vary form elegant butterflies to playful penguins, dipping ducks to scary polar bears. The app is based on a series of books under the name of Hello, Cupcake! which is a bestseller in the New York Times and gives you hundreds of different recipes and creations. With easy to follow how-to videos, you are guided through instructions and photographs which talk you through step by step guidelines on how to create your edible animal. You are also presented with a simply and delicious standard cupcake recipe, making your creations and ideas one step closer to being cooked up.

Photo by  Neville10/Flickr

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