Published on May 2nd, 2013


Top tips to make your old iPhone feel like brand new!

Is your iPhone 4 or 4S running slower and slower each day? We are here to help you give your iPhone a makeover and make it run like an iPhone 5! These tips are sure to speed up the running time of your iPhone and it will seem like a brand new phone.

1. Clear out all the apps you don’t use that are taking up precious memory on your iPhone.

Go to settings >>>>
Click General >>>>
Select Usage >>>>
Select the app that you don’t need anymore >>>>>
Press Delete App

Its a good idea to have a spring clean of your iPhone and remove any apps that you don’t need or didn’t even remember you had! This will free up some memory on your phone and speed up usage.

2. Clear your browsing history, cookies and data.

Go to settings >>>>
Select Safari >>>>
Press Clear History >>>>
Press Clear Cookies and Data

3. Reset all your system settings back to their original state – like a brand new iPhone!

Go to settings >>>>
General >>>>
Click Reset >>>>
Press Reset All Settings >>>>
Your phone will now reboot


This is a great tip as when you’ve had your iPhone for a long time you often change and adjust all the settings. By returning system settings to their original state, this will ensure you preserve battery life and speed.

4. Force quit your applications to speed up your iPhone/iPad


You may not actually realise but, when you close an app by simply returning to the homescreen the app will not close completely, but will still remain open in the iPad’s memory. This will cause your iPhone to use more memory than is needed which will result in your device running much slower, freezing or draining the battery life. To close the apps completely and stop them from clogging up the memory you need to ‘force quite your app’.

Now you can enjoy the speed of an iPhone 5 on your iPhone 4 or 4S!

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