Published on April 2nd, 2013


Top tips to preserve your iPhone battery life

Mobile phones, especially iPhones, are a integral part of most people’s day to day lives; whether it be games to pass the time on your way to work or reading up on the latest news or simply catching up with friends. However, the more you use your iPhone, the more battery you use too! There is simply no way of getting around this, but izzyj have some essential tips to make your battery life last just that bit longer!

1. Essential tips to make your iPhone battery life last longer:


2. You may not actually realise but, when you close an app by simply returning to the homescreen the app will not close completely, but will still remain open in the iPad’s memory. This will cause your iPhone to use more memory than is needed which will result in your device running much slower, freezing or draining the battery life. To close the apps completely and stop them from clogging up the memory you need to ‘force quite your app’.


3. Display your battery percentage on iPhone/iPad – this way you will know exactly how much battery you have remaining.


If all the above fail, im afraid its now time to charge your iPhone – the best way to ensure your iPhone keeps running!

Now you can enjoy your iPhone for longer!

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