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How does it look?

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What does it do?

The TripAdvisor app is your guide to wherever you want to go! Looking for a romantic weekend away? Or just somewhere to go out for dinner? TripAdvisor can tell you the highest rated option or the cheapest, whichever suits you best. Millions of people around the world have used TripAdvisor and there are reviews for almost anywhere. Photos and user reviews let you know what you’re in for, so no more surprises!

What’s the verdict?

The sheer popularity of this app is what makes it so great, because no matter where you’re heading, you can find reviews from people who’ve ‘been there and done that’. Never take a gamble that might ruin an experience again, just log in and see great places near you in the “Near Me Now” section. You can easily share and upload your experiences too, let others know what to do and where to go, with this simple, and easy-to-use app.

Available on: iPhone, iPad

Price: Free


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