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How Does It Look?

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What does it do?

This app makes organising trips a breeze. All you, the user, has to do is forward your booking emails to from your registered email address and automatically adds the details to the app. Logging reference numbers, location, time and any details in to the trip itinerary, Tripit provides this in an easy to read format, automatically planning routes and directions for the places on your trip. This can all be managed on their website, where you can plan trips to the places you’ve always wanted to visit. The app also syncs your visits on to your iOS calendar making sure you can’t forget your plans even if you don’t check the app itself. You can even share your TripIt plans with friends and family to make sure that everyone on your trip knows what the plan is!

Whats the verdict?

This app may not be one for everybody but having said that, if your planning a busy trip away its perfect for keep a easy to read log of everything you want to do so you dont miss anything out on your holiday of a lifetime! Not only is this app aimed at holiday makers it’s also perfect for businessmen or women with busy travel schedules, to make sure all your trip details are readily available when you need them. Meeting plans including dinner reservations and any other plans for that matter are all held in one place making the “unforgettable” well, unforgettable!

Available on: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: £2.49


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