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How does it look?

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What does it do?

TuneDog helps you keep up to date with trending music. Find out what people are listening to as well as what they are downloading. Search through a wide range of categories rangin from Drum & Base to Rock/Indie. Preview music before you buy, avoiding that disappointing feeling when you buy something and never listen to it again. As well as the ability to discover new music you’re still able to search for music by title, artist and also record label. This is not an app to download free music but to help you discover new music, hopefully leading you to a new favourite song/artist!


What’s the verdict?

For music fans this is definitely the app for you. You can easily stay up to date with both new music and music that you may never have heard of otherwise. Much more could have been done with the app, adding in a social feature for example but apart from that it gets you to new music fast and that’s all that matters with this app. The only slight down point of the app is that the design is very dark and basic, not what you’d expect when seeing the app icon, however being that the idea of the app is very simple, you don’t need a lot of fancy graphics.


Available on: iPhone/iPad
Price: FREE






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