Published on June 4th, 2013


Use your voice to search on iOS Google Chrome

On Monday, Google released a small update to its Chrome app for iOS users. The update brings faster Web page rendering for slow or unavailable networks and now has the ability to run a search on Google using your voice.

You will need the latest version of Chrome for iOS to search with your voice which is 27.0.1453.10, available from the App Store. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the update, activate the omnibox as you normally would when you are about to enter a URL or a search term.

But instead of typing this time, tap in the new Google microphone bar located just above the keyboard.


Tap on it to bring up the voice search prompt, which you can then ask questions to.

When you bring up the voice search prompt, tap on the “i” icon to reveal some of the search terms you can use your voice with, this will prompt a voice response from Google. Asking a simple question like “is it going to rain tomorrow?” and you’ll get a yes or no answer, with the forecast.


You can also ask if your favorite sports team won a recent game, currency conversion, time in a different time zone or random facts. If the voice answers are too much for you, you can disable them using the info screen.

Photo by:  isaacbowen/Flickr

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