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How does it look?

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What does it do?

Vevo is a music app which is closely integrated with the well known Youtube app. The difference is, Vevo gives you the most exclusive music videos and tour details around. From local concerts to full tours, Vevo has it all. You are also able to purchase tickets for tours directly from the site to save you from fishing around on the internet. Find your favourite artists using the search function and find out all of their personal details, as well as website links and Facebook pages all under one page. The app also lets you download music directly from iTunes onto your iDevice. There is also a function which lets you form playlists from your favourite music which you can share to social networking sites. Add your friends and track what they are listening too using the clever built in feature and find song matches using the integrated iTunes scan. Sign in and share your music today!

What’s the verdict?

Whether you are looking for the latest and greatest music and videos or simply searching for your favourite singers background, Vevo provides all of this and much more in a simple and clever application. This is a great way to find all of the local concerts and the buy tickets function makes the app enjoyable and easy to use. The information in the app is accurate and up to date and when it becomes outdated you can always rely on the artists Facebook page to find out more details. Buying your favourite songs has never been easier and Vevo helps you along the way in doing this.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

Price: Free


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