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How does it look?

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What does it do?

Whisk, the brand new service by the apprentice Nick Holzherr will show you a whole new approach to cooking, helping you find new recipes and making cooking them as simple as could be. This application will sync across various different platforms including the integrated web application and the browser plugin. The newest feature is the shopping lists which Whisk provide which show you the best place to buy your food from, and checking out online. The app also provides tips on waste reduction while cooking, showing you the optimum portions and how to reduce your waste produced while cooking. The full release of this application is estimated to be the end of 2012.

What’s the verdict?

From what’s currently shown, the concept of Whisk is brilliant! The app itself is similar to other cooking and recipe apps, however this one actually lets you know the cheapest and the best prices based on what people have already bought. This will be done by scanning receipts from supermarkets and although this isn’t released yet, it will definitely be a niche feature which we may see evolve into other applications. We are greatly anticipating the full release of this app and we can see that it definitely has a lot of potential!

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