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How does it look?

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What does it do?

Wikitude gives you access to find shops, points of interest and even people all through the vision of ¬†your iDevice’s built in camera. Simply hold up the camera and watch everything come to you. Did you need to find a bank? Wikitude can point you in the direction of your nearest bank and many other popular destinations. Organise your bookmarks and add your most visited destinations onto your app for later visiting. Categories are pre-defined allowing you to filter out restaurants, shops, police stations and even airports. Find events, tweets, Wikipedia articles and even ATM machines. All of the displayed locations are recommended by reputable companies such as Yelp, Qype, TripAdvisor, and many, many more. Coupons will also sometimes appear while you are walking around which can be redeemed at shops nationwide. Who ever said you needed a map to navigate?

What’s the verdict?

It all appears slightly scary at first, walking around and finding new and exciting places that you have never been to before but once you get used to the initial view this is really a tool for every apple device. We like the fact that you can find vouchers while you are walking, giving you exclusive offers and deals for just walking around and using this app. This would be great from a business perspective for finding offices and other organisations around you that might not normally be clear to the eye. Just make sure you don’t walk into anything while you are wandering around!

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

Price: Free


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