Published on June 27th, 2013


Wimbledon 2013 has now started, has it inspired you to shape up?

Wimbledon 2013 is now well underway and everyone across the country is hoping that this is Andy Murray’s year. If you are really getting into Wimbledon this year and have been inspired to keep fit or even take up tennis, we have some great apps to help you do just that! Summer is the best time to get into shape as everyone will be able to see the results once you get on the beach.

5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training

5K Runner is the easiest and most successful program in getting beginners to run 5K. Rated 5 star by many of the top companies such as CNN, Fox News, USA Today, Times and Fitness Channel – this training program cuts out all of the rubbish that you don’t want to read and hear and skips straight on to the exercise program. Using a clever audio coaching system, you are guided whether to walk or run whether starting slow or running full pace in a sprint. There is absolutely nothing to learn meaning that whether you are at a beginner level or a professional runner this app caters for you. You have full access to all of your music on the device as well as almost all of the music apps outside. The audio coach integrates with this to blend in with the music to keep you focused throughout. Share all of your progress online with common social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as emailing all of your results to your friends and family. This is fully compatible with other GPS running apps, and supports Nike+, RunKeeper, MapMyRun and lots of others.With this trainer you have no excuse not to train for the 5K.

Para Fitness

 If you want to transform yourself from couch potato to fighting fit, Para fitness is the app for you. Designed by Major Sam McGrath of the legendary Parachute Regiment, you will be put to the test in a series of fitness exercises to train you to parachute regiment standards in the army. Think that you are unfit and need to get into the swing of things? Start at a basic level and slowly progress with the progress tracking and level of exercise meter. Change the reps and the weights of all of the exercises with simple screen taps and view all of the exercises with brilliant example images. This app was even shortlisted for the Best Adult App in recent awards.


Nike+ GPS is designed to enhance your entire running experience and hopefully make it easier to stick to your running program long term. the app tracks all your data which allows you to look back over previous runs to see the distance you travelled, how fast you went and how many calories you burned. This allows users to track their improvement and in turn motivate them on future runs to beat their previous time/distance. Every time you run you can set yourself new goals, increasing the challenge each time to push yourself to the max! Each run is mapped using GPS technology allowing you to review your runs with colour coding which will show users which parts they ran fast and the parts they ran slower. Nike+ GPS also integrates with your music playlist for you to listen to your ideal running soundtrack and offers voice encouragement and motivation to aid your running performance. Endorsed by Nike, this app is the ultimate application to improve your running, track your progress and enhance your performance.

Fit Street Dance!

Fit Street Dance brings you your own personal street dance teacher straight to your home with simple video tutorials to help you improve your dance skills. With over 15 tutorials, this app includes essential body part training as well a voiceover explanation step by step. Videos can be broken down to varying speeds and directions enabling users to understand each move. Learn each step individually before introducing them into a routine, this app will give you handy tips to improve your performance. A great way to keep fit and have fun!

6 Pack Promise is an app designed to help you achieve the ultimate 6 pack! With the help of fitness guru Jeff Cavaliere, the app holds dozens of different abdominal exercises demonstrated by Jeff in a series of videos. The exercises are incorporated into workout routines to avoid boredom and repetition – it is important to mix things up otherwise the body becomes accustomed to set routines. The app also offers dietary tips or even a complete daily menu for you if you wish the reap the maximum benefit. Soon enough you could have the perfect 6 pack with 6 Pack Promise!
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