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How does it look?

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What does it do?

WiScales allows users to monitor all essential health and fitness data. Using graphic displays you can view your weight, fat mass, lean mass, BMI, blood pressure and heart rate. It allows you to track your essential information and measure any decline or improvement that may occur. All the data is automatically recorded and stored within the application. The advanced features of the app includes measuring your blood pressure, synchronising with the Withings body scale and sharing your data with your doctor, family or friends. The app displays all your measurements and allows you to compare your results against doctor’s recommendations. You can zoom in on a particular day, week or month to track your data within a specific time period relating to your lifestyle.

What’s the verdict?

Here at izzyj we love the feature which allows you to compare your data against doctor’s recommendations as it gives users an aim to work towards for a healthier body and lifestyle. All essential information is easily measured and WiScales will do the rest for you and work out all the calculations on your behalf. Checking health trends on the app will allow you to aim for a healthier lifestyle and the graphic displays make it easy to track progression or regression.

Available on: iPhone/iPad

Price: Free



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