Published on November 12th, 2012


Workout Trainer

How does it look?

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What does it do?

Workout Trainer is a combination of simple exercises that can be performed at home without paying expensive gym fees. With clever set workouts with timers and written tips, each routine is laid out with a simple yet effective interface. Big, bold controls are given to you so you can pause, rewind and fast forward an exercise for quick-succession routines. There is a tab for music which lets you listen to all of your own songs during the exercises, allowing you to focus and train harder than ever. Create your own workouts using your multimedia library with instant audio for limitless training programs. You can also schedule workouts and get instant reminders to your iDevice for daily and weekly reminders. Purchase additional exercise routines from online created by professional fitness instructors for even more intense workouts. Watch the calories disappear with this amazing app!

What’s the verdict?

Balancing your daily routine, work and other distractions can be a difficult task when you are trying to lose weight and tone up. Workout Trainer allows you to do all of this (obviously with your own willpower) during your busy lifestyle with ultimate customisation to suit your needs. Each video workout is near high definition quality, with crystal clear sound quality. The content is precise and to the point, cutting out all of the false information and annoying facts that are normally thrown at you with other exercise apps. Workout Trainer works with you in mind and for that, we highly recommend it.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

Price: Free


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