Published on August 15th, 2012


Zenonia 4 Game Review

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Battle your way through hoards of monsters to save the world of Zenonia in this excellent role playing game.

Play as Regret, a normal boy who’s fate is changed when his future self travels back in time, giving him a quest to save the world.

Many features of this game make it brilliant. The story itself is enticing, drawing your mind in to the world of Zenonia, making you a part of the battle. The simple 2D style is accelerated by the shear detail of the scenery and costumes. The gameplay excels all expectation with exciting battles and complete customisation of your character’s skills and accessories.

As far as Role Playing games go this could well be the best one to have arrived on iOS yet, challenging, exciting and visually compelling.

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Available on: iPhone/iPad
Price: FREE!!


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